You want to try some fun water sports in Dubai, but you have difficulties deciding what to choose?

You might not all like to try the same water sports while you might be a part of a couple or a group. In any case, this flyboard and jetskiing combo could be the ideal combination for you! Jetskiing in Dubai is becoming one of the best beach activities in the region. The adrenaline is bound to pumping with the added thrill of flyboard skiing 6 meters above the surface.

Have you ever had an indescribable experience? The Fly Board is undoubtedly the best and a must if you are in Dubai. Feel the adrenaline pump when you get above the water, and you can dive under it like a dolphin by the water-jet driven board attached to your feet. Also don’t miss to make the most incredible trip to the water you won't forget! Feel the wave on your face as you hop across the cool blue water, and the wind blows through your hair. Our Jetski Tour is the city’s best way to experience the interesting water and sun attractions from various views.

These rides are amazing and strongly recommended to water adventurers!

Want to go jet skiing to the city and try the flyboard during your holiday in Dubai? Firstly, this was the right idea, because we have one of the best places to explore in Dubai from the blue waters. Second, we have come up for you with a combo!

You can find a technical guide on both events, which provides you with a comprehensive guide and safety briefing and provides suggestions and tips to help you get the best time possible. You can also take photographs and videos for yourself and upload them to you free of charge at the end of your session. Bear in mind that although you can join a partner, friend, or family member for jetskiing, flyboarding is only for one person.

You can either choose a 30 or 60-minute jetski tour in Dubai with a total period of 60 or 90 minutes before one of you can ascend the flyboard for 30 minutes. This bundle provides excellent quality for thrilling tourists. It is one of the ultimate ways to make some memorable remembrances of Dubai’s time with discounted rates for this mix of fast-moving water-sports.

Ride in Dubai - jet ski rental


30 + 30 minutes (1 hour)

650 AED/ Jet Ski + Flyboard