350 AED / Jet Ski
30 Minutes Session




770 AED / Jet Ski
90 Minutes Session




600 AED / Jet Ski
60 Minutes Session




600 AED / Jet Skis + Flyboard
30 + 30 Minutes Session




320 AED For
20 Minutes Session


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  • We offer the best experience in Dubai with high quality service and the best equipment.
  • Professional, certified and experienced Jetski and Flyboard instructors/ staff to guide you through.
  • Renting a Jet ski in Dubai is the only way to see Sheikh Island and its huge super yacht as well as the Dubai Royal Family beachfront palaces.

Make your Dubai Tour Unforgettable



Ride in Dubai established in 2010 is an authorized Jetski rental and Flyboard company. Situated in Dubai, the company has certified instructors with whom you can go on a Jetski guided tour. Enjoy the panoramic view of Dubai city’s amazing skyline while flying above water on your Flyboard.

Some of the amazing offers from Ride in Dubai include the likes of Burj Al Arab Jetski Tour, Mina Seyahi Jetski Tour, Palm Jumeirah Tour, Flyboard and Corporate Event to make your time in the City of Dubai an unforgettable one!

We aim to provide you with a high quality service in order to make your Jet Ski or Flyboard experience one of the best in Dubai.


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350 AED / Jet Ski
770 AED / Jet Ski
600 AED / Jet Ski
600 AED / Jet Skis + Flyboard
320 AED For
20 Minutes Session


    Thanks to the team of Ride In Dubai. Friendly, knowledgeable and super helpful. Had real fun! I highly recommend Ride In Dubai to everyone for a unique Dubai experience. Thanks again
    I was just an absolutely amazing experience! I've always wanted to try the flyboard and when I did, I enjoyed every second of it. Highly recommend Ride In Dubai for anyone looking for adventure in Dubai!
    Thank's to Ride In Dubai I had the most amazing vacation ever! The instructors made me feel safe and they always take extra precaution, telling you the dos and don'ts. I have a wonderful time there...

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Ride in Dubai
Jumeirah 4, Umm Suquem 1, Al Fintaas Street
Fishing Harbor Last Entrance
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Everyday 9.00 am - Sunset

More About Ride In Dubai

Discover the best of Dubai with Jet Ski and Flyboarding tours from Ride in Dubai. Join us at Jumeirah 4 – Fishing Harbor Main Entrance as our team welcomes and briefs you on how to go Jet Skiing and Flyboarding with our highly experienced and certified instructors.

Learn to Flyboard and Jet Ski while at the same time stop and admire Dubai’s magnificent views and landscapes. Our team of instructors will lead the tour and help you harness the power, you can even go to a beach nearby and dive your way at a pace convenient to you and our team will be right there to assist you with any problems. We aim to make the experience of Jet Skiing and Flyboarding safe but in no way will we take the intensity out of the sport. With years of experience in water-sports we want to share our passion for water activities with everyone. With endless memories that Dubai may leave you with, there are no paralleled activities to Jet Skiing and Flyboarding. You can have an adventure in the middle of the Arabian Sea, carouse around the beautiful Palm Islands, witness some of the most magnificent skyscrapers in the world and see the stunning Burj Al Arab.

We offer the best equipment on the market. Our brand new jet skis have been upgraded with our quality service policy. It seats two persons, incorporates the latest break and reverse technology, and is 1500cc with a lighter hull.

Ride in Dubai wants you to live some of the most unique moments life has to offer. Our bespoke tours will accommodate the number of participants of your choice, time duration and the places that you want to see. We offer packages for corporate tours, team tours and solo rides.

It is but a magical experience to enjoy the incredible feeling of fun, speed and freedom. Our Jet Ski sessions are personalized to suit your demands and our expert instructors will teach and assist beginners, intermediates and even professionals and lead the tours in Dubai.

Our Flyboarding tours can also be tailored to suit all levels and competencies. We teach first timers to professional Flyboarders using the newest equipment so you can be certain you are experiencing the best that Flyboarding has to offer. Witness the exclusive landscapes, the Dubai Skyline and the Atlantis, each displaying a unique view of the coast and city from the sea. We make the best effort to ensure you have the most amazing experience in Jet Skiing and Flyboarding that will give you a lifetime of memories to treasure.

If you're looking for a thrilling experience with your friends, whilst enjoying the incredible views and locations of Dubai then jet skiing is the perfect remedy. Whether you're looking to pace yourself and slowly cruise the scenery or go at speed and enjoy the waves you can enjoy both with us at Ride In Dubai. With a multicultural team that speak over 5+ languages we're able to accommodate you and all your special requirements to make your jet ski experience unique. We'd be happy to assist in both corporate and individual celebrations such as birthdays and even give that special someone an occasion they'll remember.

Being in Dubai for over 5+ years we have experience all types of clientele and are proud of the reputation and image we have developed ourselves in Dubai & across the Middle East as the leading jet ski provider. Throughout the various seasons and weathers of Dubai you can thoroughly enjoy jet skiing to the maximum, with majority of the year having beautiful sun & hot weather you can be sure that your day will be fun filled.

We'd like to thank-you for visiting our website; feel free to contact us today when discussing your requirements for your jet ski experience in Dubai and we'd be happy to assist making your memories special.

Most people like sightseeing when they visit a city or like to try the food or go shopping, but then there are those for whom the norm is just not an option, those who seek adventure and fun, and Ride In Dubai is just the place to be for thrill seeking visitors in Dubai.

Our Jet Ski rental in Dubai is not only fun and adventurous but also safe. If you’ve been wanting to rent a Jet Ski in Dubai but are worried for your safety, then we are just the place for you to forget your worries and enjoy that adrenaline rush while you enjoy the Dubai waters!

While everyone thinks of adding the desert safari in their list of things to do in Dubai no one really thinks of adding Jet Skiing in Dubai, but take it from the horse’s mouth, your holiday in Dubai will not be complete if you did not Jet Ski in Dubai. The fun is unlimited at Ride In Dubai and it is also the ultimate way to see the city’s coastal sights. For residents, it’s just one more amazing watersport to add to your summer bucket list.

With certified and professional instructors, the best equipment from around the world and the most fun watersport combo’s and options to choose from, Ride In Dubai is a one stop destination for ultimate fun. The day you went Jet Skiing in Dubai is bound to be the best part of your holiday.

Even for those who prefer to go sightseeing, this is the perfect opportunity for you to see Dubai from another perspective. The Burj Al Arab Jet ski tour gives you a chance to admire the exceptional architecture from a different side. The Mina Seyahi Jet ski tour, allows you to enjoy the beautiful Jumeirah beach view; and the Palm Jumeirah Jet ski tour allows you to see the most beautiful spot in Dubai while being far away from the swamp of tourists on land.

So what are you waiting for? Book your Jet Ski in Dubai today!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to try watersports such as Jet Ski and flyboarding in Dubai, but I don’t know how to swim. Is it still possible for me to go?

Adventure watersports with Ride in Dubai is safe. We have professional instructors to guide you and provide you with life jackets for your safety.

What are your operating hours?

We are open daily from 9am to 6pm.

What do I need to wear?

We recommend you to wear light clothing for safety reasons. However, there are no restrictions with choice of swimwear. You can wear any types of bathing suits, rash guards, shorts, swim trunks, or any other clothes that are made of light texture and are comfortable.

Is it necessary to wear a life jacket?

By law, everyone who goes for jet skiing must wear a life jacket at all times. This is also to ensure your safety even if you know how to swim. We provide life jackets for both adults and children of all sizes.

Do you provide a combo of Jet Ski and Flyboarding?

Yes, we have the best water sports combo in Dubai. For 600 AED, you can do both Jet Ski and Flyboarding for 1 hour.

Jet Ski

What is a Jet Ski?

A Jet Ski is a jet-propelled vehicle that can be driven across the water’s surface. It resembles a motorcycle.

Can a beginner go for Jet Ski rental?

Instructors will be leading the tour in Dubai for your safety and catch any danger coming before it reaches to you. Our professional instructors will assist you in your riding skills and help you regarding any problems you may face during your Jet Ski trip.

How many people can ride on one Jet Ski?

Our brand new jet skis accommodate comfort seating for 2 persons.

Do you offer Jet Ski tours for 10 persons?

With 4 to 5 jet skis maximum per tour, and 2 persons per jetski, we can bring up to 10 persons per jet ski trips. And we can make up to 6 jet ski trips per day (depending on the jetski tour).

What are the Jet Ski tours you offer?

We offer three different tours:

  • The Burj Al Arab Tour (around 30 minutes Jet Ski trip to the Burj Al Arab)
  • The Mina Seyahi Tour (around 1 hour Jet Ski trip around the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina etc...)
  • The Palm Jumeirah Tour (around 1hr and 30mins Jet Ski trip to Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, JBR, Dubai Marina, Sheikh Island, Burj Al Arab, etc...)


How does flyboarding work?

Flyboard is powered by a Jet Ski’s throttle, or a Personal Water Craft (PWC). There is a connecting hose from the back of the PWC to the Flyboard. You’ll need to stand in the Flyboard with your feet strapped onto a jetpack device. The water coming out from the connecting hose drives you through water and air.

Is it safe for a first-time to try out flyboarding?

Our Flyboard experience can be tailored to suit all levels. Also, our experienced instructors can assist and teach a first timer, beginner, intermediate or a professional Flyboarder.

What are health concerns to consider before going for Flyboarding?

Serious back or knee injuries pose as a concern as it would decrease Flyboarding power. For the best and safe experience, we recommend you to only go for Flyboarding once your injuries are treated.

Do you have age and weight requirements for Flyboarding?

Riders under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them. Most Flyboard support riders between 90-300 lbs.

How long does it take to learn Flyboarding?

It depends on how long you can find your balance. Once you find it, you’ll be able to make the most out of your Flyboarding experience. Flyboarding is actually easier than it looks. With the help of our professional instructors, you can take water sports to a whole new level.