Flyboard is an adventure sport, and it benefits human wellbeing, like all sports. Flyboards are a 21st-century invention that seems too thrilling to be true. These fascinating machines are a must-try for any adrenaline junkie, looking like something right out of Iron Man but only powered by water. With flyboards already under production, it is good to get used to these gadgets until it is time to step up the game.

It is always an exciting experience to discover new ways to keep fit and active. And if you're an adrenaline seeker, the popular new flyboarding sport provides a perfect combination of high energy and fitness on the water. A water jetpack shaped like a snowboard and connected to a long hose attached to watercraft is a flyboard. The flyboard rider is driven in the air up to 15 meters by high-pressure water propulsion transmitted through the hose. Although it looks difficult, experienced fly boarders say it's like learning to walk and is not constrained by fitness level. Flyboarding can require some significant hand and foot coordination, but it does not require massive amounts of strength.

The physical characteristics of a variety of common sports activities, including jet-skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and acrobatic diving, are combined with flyboarding.

Here are the health and fitness benefits of flyboarding:

  • Good for improving the capacity to coordinate
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases
  • Great exercise for cardio and muscles
  • Mental relief
  • Usage of every muscle in the body
  • Increased control of concentration and anxiety
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Exposure to the properties of water for mental and physical healing
  • Getting up and keeping up on the skis helps to build balance and core strength.
  • Promotes powerful legs during the activity; legs remain bent in a half-squat
  • To keep hold of the rope, it requires a firm grip that creates strength in your arms, shoulders, and back.
  • Tones up muscles in the belly and back
  • Enhances the stability of the hands and feet
  • It helps to create a greater sense of balance
  • A cardiovascular workout
  • Get a good quantity of vitamin D
  • Activates the muscles of the heart
  • Steering the floor strengthens the quads, hamstrings, and calves
  • When maintaining equilibrium, it requires the arms, shoulders, and core muscles.

Go on an exciting adventure, floating away and sailing above the water with our Dubai flyboard experience. At Ride in Dubai, the latest sport which has revolutionized the world is now available. It's a modern description of fun in the water. It goes on your feet and lets you fly like a man of iron and swim like a dolphin!. Listen as a teacher with expertise demonstrates how during a full safety briefing, the Flyboard works. Wait for the jet boat to power up and buckle yourself onto the flyboard. We guarantee that our clients have unforgettable experiences and sensations after this sport!

Flyboard in Dubai


Learn to fly with our Flyboard Hydroflight experience, with professional instructors and equipment, you'll be carving the air and taking your sport to a whole new level

380 AED

30 minutes session